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Sancti Petri Hills Golf

Enjoy an authentic golf experience in Cádiz

If you want to play golf in a friendly welcoming environment and get a unique experience, then book your Sancti Petri Hills Golf experience!!!

Sancti Petri Hills Golf - Bahía De Cádiz
We are Sancti Petri Hills Golf

Enjoy our golf course Hole by Hole!

A fun 18-holes golf course that will demand your skills and strategy, with beautifully designed lakes along the course and its challenging bunkers
good strokes it´s what you need to get the par of our golf course
meters length course to enjoy your round of golf in a relaxed and beautiful environment at only 5 minutes away from the beach

Holes Sancti Petri Hills Golf

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How to play in Sancti Petri Hills Golf?

Local Rules

  • The distances 100m, 150m and 200m are measured from the beginnings of the greens.
  • The Fairways, except the paved parts, are included in the course.
  • The outer limits of the course are marked with white bars and wire fences.
  • The facilities of the course (benches, signs, wooden bridges outside the lakes, fixed markings and paved roads) are considered immovable obstacles; rule 24-2 applies.
  • The zones marked with blue / white markings are areas of restoration, as are the zones and ditches for irrigation.
  • A player can only use a device that exclusively exercises distance measurements. Devices that also perform other calculations (wind speed, temperature etc.) and whose information could have an advantageous effect on the game, may not be used, regardless of whether the player uses them or not.
  • Rule 14-3. For the good of everyone, the player should repair the spike tracks, put the markings back in their place, smooth the bunkers and not unnecessarily delay the game.