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La Cabaña de Cecilón

Delicious rice dishes….close to hole 18!

A new restaurant, spezialized in the preparation of exquisite rice dishes and specialities from the wood-fired oven.

La Cabaña de Cecilón - Sancti Petri Hills Golf - Chiclana - Cádiz Rice dishes and wood oven 07
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A unique culinary experience that will give you a taste for more.

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The restaurants´specialities are rice dishes: with seafood, chicken, carrillada, bull´s tail, Ibérico rice, black rice au gratin with alioli, etc. Once you have tried these dishes, you will be happy to come back and repeat.

Aparat from the well-known rice dishes – each for 2 people (and it is not necessary to order in advance) – you can enjoy various salads and tapas.

In the evening we offer excellent Italian dishes such as pizza, lasagna and roasted specialities that are prepared in the wooden oven.

La Cabaña de Cecilón

You can already enjoy with your eyes...

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